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Conflict of interest
Do you have a conflict of interest? Don’t know what a conflict of interest is? Click here to download the ICAC brochure on conflict of interest.

Essential Energy has a process for managing conflicts of interest, should you have a conflict of interest, please contact the Recruitment Team at or by calling 1800 220066.

The recruitment process
Once you have submitted your application you will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your application.

The review
Once your application has been received it will be reviewed by the Recruitment Team and you may be contacted to provide further information either by SMS, email or phone.

Preparing for the interview
If you are successful in gaining an interview with Essential Energy it is recommended that you prepare for your interview by:

  • Researching Essential Energy to ensure you understand who we are and the services we provide
  • Reviewing your application and your resume to ensure you understand your skills and attributes that you put forward for the role
  • Reviewing the position description to ensure you understand the role that you have applied for and what competencies you have that align to that role. The interview questions will be created from the requirements of the position
  • Ensuring you dress appropriately and arrive 15 minutes early

The interview
Essential Energy interviews will be conducted by a panel comprising of at least two people, usually the hiring manager and a human resources representative.

We use an interview technique called ‘behaviour based interviewing’ so it is recommended you prepare practical examples to provide to the panel which will show your skills and abilities relevant to the role.

The theory behind the 'behaviour based interviewing' technique is that past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance. The behaviours are linked to competencies, and competencies are the skills, knowledge and personal attributes that underpin successful job performance.

In this technique applicants are required to give practical examples of their experiences as a way of showing that they can meet the critical requirements of the job.

In achieving the necessary information needed to make a decision on the best person for the job, the following behavioural responses are sought:

C - Context
A - Action
R - Result

It is important to make sure that the ‘context’ of the example is provided – that is, what was the situation.

Then advise what ‘action’ you took – that is, how you handled the situation.

And finally, what was the ‘result’ that you achieved.


  • Take your time answering the questions and don’t hesitate to ask for the question to be repeated or rephrased. The panel are not there to trick you, they simply want to understand your skills and experiences and your suitability for the position
  • Keep your responses and examples relevant to the question and to the point. Some examples may require some detail, however it is important not to be 'long-winded' in your reply
  • At the end of the interview, take the opportunity to ask specific questions that demonstrate your interest in the role and the company. You need to ensure that Essential Energy and the position you have applied for is the right choice for you
  • After the interview, take the time to gain as much feedback on your interview as possible

Pre-employment checks and assessments
As part of Essential Energy’s recruitment process we may request you to undertake certain pre-employment checks and/or assessments. Some of these may include medical, security, reference, psychometric, cognitive ability, safety awareness or practical application.

These checks and/or assessments will form part of your application and consideration for a role with Essential Energy.

All applicants for positions at Essential Energy must undertake a screening test for alcohol and other drugs as part of the pre-employment medical examination. Essential Energy is an alchohol free workplace.

The offer
Should you be successful in gaining a position with Essential Energy, you will be contacted and verbally offered the role which will be formalised with a letter of offer and pre-employment pack.

Find out more
Contact the Recruitment Team at or by calling
1800 22 00 66 and select option 3.