Bushfire Safety

Essential Energy Safety advice for the community

At Essential Energy, we regularly inspect powerlines to maintain fire safety clearances and power supply reliability as part of our comprehensive vegetation management program.

However, while tree trimming and pruning are a significant part of our maintenance program, they are only a short-term solution. The best idea is to avoid planting trees near powerlines entirely. Inappropriate species should not be planted directly under powerlines and sufficient distance must be allowed so they can grow to their full potential without becoming a safety concern.

If you see branches hanging over our powerlines, call us on 13 20 80.

Be prepared
Simple steps like identifying potentially hazardous vegetation around your home and farm, and planting trees a safe distance from powerlines can help to protect your property from fire.

We recommend that property owners also complete a Bushfire Survival Plan and Farm FireWise Checklist and Action Plan to reduce their bushfire risk. These documents are available on the NSW Rural Fire Service’s website at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au.

Safety comes first at Essential Energy and throughout the year we plan ahead to reduce bushfire risk and ensure the safety and reliability of our network. Learn more about how we plan ahead for bushfire safety.

Stay away from fallen or sagging powerlines
A bushfire can damage or destroy electrical infrastructure, causing powerlines to fall and disrupting the power supply. Remember to treat all fallen powerlines as live and keep at least eight metres away from any wires that appear to be damaged, sagging or have fallen to the ground, or any object they are in contact with including fences, water pipes and trees.

If a powerline looks damaged, don’t go near it – call us immediately on 13 20 80.

In the event of a bushfire, property owners who decide to leave their property are advised to do so early to minimise the risk of encountering fallen or sagging powerlines across roads and other fire hazards.

In the event of an emergency
Call Essential Energy immediately on 13 20 80.

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