Contestable Work

Information on this page is provided for developers, Accredited Service Providers and electrical contractors who are authorised to carry out contestable work in Essential Energy's network distribution area.

Further information on how to become an Accredited Service Provider is available from the NSW Trade and Investment website.

ASP and Contestable Work documentation

Policy documents, guidelines and safety briefs for working on or around our electricity network can be accessed from our Document Library.

Secure Web Forms

The Secure Web Forms (SWF) application enables electrical forms to be prepared, submitted and managed online.
Supported forms currently include:
  • CCEW – Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (formerly known as the NOEW)
  • NOSW – Notification of Service Work
  • ROSW – Request for Service Work (used in some areas of the business)
  • EIRs – Electrical Inspection Reports
  • MM - Meter Movement FIR relay
Find out more about Secure Web Forms

New Connections and Connection Alterations

Online portals have been set up to assist with connecting new premises or altering existing connections.
Visit the Connecting To The Network page

Subdivisions, Lot Consolidations and Boundary Adjustments
To allow Essential Energy to determine electricity supply requirements for a proposed Torrens, Strata or community title subdivision, lot consolidation or boundary adjustment, please submit a design information request form CEOF6010 and associated documents.

Requests to provide a notice of arrangement for your local council will be processed after the electricity supply requirements have been determined and all requirements, including execution of associated easement documentation, have been satisfied.

Easement Documents
Electricity easement requirements will be determined during the design information process. Original easement documents for signing by Essential Energy should be mailed to the following address:

Attention: Conveyancing Team
Essential Energy
PO Box 5730

To avoid delays please quote the contestable works project number.

Read our procedure for easement documentation for more information about Essential Energy's documentation requirements and associated processes.

Accreditation and Authorisation
As part of an ASP's authorisation, all authorised persons must undertake annual training in Essential Energy's Electrical Safety Rules, and undertake refresher training for the required regulatory categories.