Customer Advocacy Group

A diverse cross-section of regional community representatives make up the membership of the newly-formed Customer Advocacy Group responsible for providing Essential Energy with insight and advice on electricity network issues.

This Group replaces the Rural Advisory Group (established in 1998) and the Customer Council. The Customer Advocacy Group will continue in the tradition of these groups as a proactive forum for consultation, engagement and insight across Essential Energy’s customer base, on any matters relating to the supply of electricity and associated services.

Membership of the Group represents domestic, industrial, commercial, rural and remote customers and primary producers as well as low-income households and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Customers are welcome to contact Customer Advocacy Group members to provide feedback for discussion at these meetings.

For more information, please call Belinda Kallmier, Manager Customer Service on 02 6589 8609

Mr Steve Burgess Primary Producers
0427 544 212
Cr Sharon Cadwallader Industrial, Commercial and Residential
0413 091 440
Mr Murray Feddersen Rural and Remote
0418 469 041
Mrs Jan Hudson Low Income Households
02 6337 6644
Mr David Hughes Industrial and Commercial
0425 237130
Ms Jaimie Lovell NSW Farmers’ Association – Primary Producers
02 9478 1008
Ms Felicity Muller Cotton Australia – Primary Producers
02 9669 5222
Mrs Marie Russell AM Rural and Remote
0417 271 773
Mr Gary Shipp Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
Beauty Point
0438 487 196
Mrs Lois Stalley Country Women’s Association – Rural and Remote
02 6967 8155