Disclosure log

Where Essential Energy considers that information released to an applicant under a formal access application would be of interest to other members of the public we must provide the following details about the application in our disclosure log:

  • The date the access application was decided.
  • A description of the information released.
  • Whether any of the information is available to other members of the public.
  • If so available, how it can be accessed.
NOTE: An applicant can object, when making an access application, or subsequently, to information concerning the application being included in the disclosure log.

GIPA Disclosure Log
Reference Date of decision Description of information requested Type of release Access
12/08/10 Information regarding blackouts that occurred from June 09 to July 10 Full release - 2 pages Contact the Right to Information Officer on 02 6588 6730
14 08/11/10 Information listing the number of solar panel installations for the 12 months ending 18 October 2010 Full release - 8 pages Contact the Right to Information Officer on 02 6588 6730
15 10/11/10 The number of blackouts including a breakdown of the duration and the reason for each blackout from June 2009 – September 2010 Full Release - 1 page Contact the Right to Information Officer on 02 6588 6730

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