Essential Energy Long term career opportunities

Essential Energy offers a diverse selection of engineering positions for the qualified professional engineer. 

To be appointed as an engineer, you will require a relevant engineering degree as well as suitable industry experience. 

There are many opportunities for electrical engineers to develop and advance their career within the organisation. Graduate engineer, engineer, senior engineer and principal engineer are the four main engineering levels within Essential Energy. Progression is based upon industry experience, qualifications, performance and responsibilities. Each level has predefined pay grades that are reflective of company expectations and the engineer’s level of experience.

Engineers are encouraged to carry out further tertiary postgraduate educational studies associated with their area of expertise to further develop their skills. Essential Energy may fund such further studies with the expectation and understanding that the appropriate effort will be made to achieve positive results.

The main engineering divisions are:

  • Network Planning
  • Network Earthing
  • Zone Substation Design 
  • Subtransmission Protection
  • Subtransmission Line Design
  • Load Control
  • Generation
  • Network Operations and Support

These opportunities provide the ambitious and motivated engineer with a career that will develop their analytical, technical and professional knowledge while delivering stimulating and challenging day-to-day work. 

We are seeking professional engineers of all levels of experience who have what it takes to make a positive contribution to our organisation.

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