At Essential Energy we believe we have a corporate social responsibility to respond to climate change, reduce our environmental footprint and support our customers in their efforts to become more energy efficient. To do this, we aim to integrate responsible environmental management into all that we do and become an environmental leader.

The day-to-day activities of our employees, whether within the office or in the field, interact with the environment and have the potential to adversely impact it. The challenge for Essential Energy is to minimise this impact by smarter design, responsible waste management and more efficient use of resources.

Here’s a snapshot of our sustainability efforts:
  • Environmental awareness campaigns targeted at promoting sustainable use of resources, and improving employee and contractor behaviour, making our existing facilities more efficient and our operations environmentally sound, for example building transformer storage facilities and truck wash facilities; installing solar systems; energy efficient lighting; sensor lights; recycled water units; and planting drought hardy vegetation alternatives
  • Replacing larger cylinder vehicles with four-cylinder vehicles and purchasing heavy fleet vehicles compliant with European standards for CO2-e emissions, as part of our creating a greener fleet program
  • Designing and carrying out all new construction and renovation work to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, with each new facility being built to conform with the NABERS 4.5 star rating and relevant State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP)
  • Integrating the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) into Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Optimising procurement lines to ensure environmentally efficient purchasing
  • Ensuring all workplaces are provided with adequate recycling bins based on waste type
  • Installing video conferencing facilities to minimise travel.