Heritage Asset Management

Essential Energy Protecting heritage assets

We acknowledge our statutory obligations and cultural significance of protecting Essential Energy sites listed as heritage assets under the NSW Heritage Act.

Essential Energy is responsible for the management of 14 sites of cultural and natural significance in partnership with local councils and communities, and we have adopted an extensive maintenance schedule in line with our Heritage Asset Management Strategy and relevant Conservation Management Plans.

Refurbishment of the Mullumbimby Hydro-Electric Power Station was completed during the year. The project was aligned with the heritage management system determined by the Heritage Council of NSW and followed stringent community consultation.

Preliminary work has now commenced on the next Heritage Asset Project at the former Glen Innes Power Station. We maintain a live heritage register, which is available on the NSW Heritage Branch website, and includes state and locally significant sites. This register will be updated as sites are determined by the community, local councils or Essential Energy.

Heritage Item
Oaky Zone Hydro-Electric Power Station Armidale
Former Bentinck Street Substation Bathurst
Rocket Street Substation Bathurst
Broken Hill Water Board Offices Broken Hill
Mica Street Filtration Plant and Reservoir Broken Hill
Mullumbimby Hydro-Electric Power Station Mullumbimby
Northern Rivers County Council Grafton
Cottage, Essential Energy Depot Grafton
Nymboida Hydro-Electric Power Station Nymboida
Former Glen Innes Power Station Glen Innes
Former Lismore Power Station Lismore
Narrabri Depot Narrabri
Tamworth East Zone Substation Tamworth
Former Tenterfield Power Station Tenterfield
Wagga Wagga Zone Substation Wagga Wagga