Overhead electricity network maps

Essential Energy Safety advice for the community

Maps showing the general location of our overhead electricity network are available upon request for individuals and companies involved in activities including:

  • Aerial spraying, aerial mapping, aerial inspections.
  • Leisure activities such as hot air ballooning, gliding or parachuting.
  • General aviation.
  • Farming and agricultural activities.
  • General water activities on waterways in Essential Energy’s area of operation.

Where we cover
Essential Energy covers most of regional and rural New South Wales. Overhead electricity lines may be present in unusual or unexpected locations.

Line heights
The height of overhead electricity lines vary significantly with changing topology. Electricity lines across gorges and valleys vary from less than 12 metre above ground level to hundreds of metres above valley floors.

How to request maps
Use our online form to submit a request


Safety for your work site

Safety for your work site

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