Vegetation Management

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Throughout the year we plan ahead and manage vegetation near powerlines to reduce the risk of power outages and potential bushfires caused by vegetation falling on, or coming into contact with, powerlines.
Continuous vegetation management:
  • Reduces the potential harm to people, damage to property or the local environment
  • Minimises tree-related power supply interruptions
  • Reduces the incidence of branches contacting powerlines and potentially causing bushfires.
Vegetation clearance zones around powerlines

  • Where practical, trimming is carried out to meet the Australian Standard 4373 which may require branches be cut back to growth points
  • Clearances between trees and powerlines increase as voltage and span length of the powerlines increase
  • Clearances in the middle of the span are greater to allow for conductor swing and sag for any spans greater than 100m
  • Always plant a tree at least 15m away from powerlines, or at a distance equal to its mature height - whichever is greater. Some properties may be subject to easement conditions that impose even greater clearance distances
  • A tree’s proximity to powerlines and the trimming required to maintain clearance distances may mean some trees are removed completely.
For further information read our Vegetation Management Plan.

We will arrange for our staff or contractors to undertake inspection and trimming services. You may be contacted directly, either by door knock or letter box drop, to advise you of vegetation management work in your area. You will be provided with appropriate contact details should you need to discuss the details of any proposed works.

Remember - tree trimming can be hazardous near overhead powerlines and should only be performed by qualified tree trimmers.

If you see vegetation growing too close to our network report it via our online form.


Safety for your work site

Safety for your work site

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