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25 May Reduce hazards with prudent pruning and planting
24 May Federal Court dismisses majority of AER’s appeal, upholds ACT decision to set aside 2014-19 Essential Energy determination
18 May Switch on to electrical safety this winter
17 May Career opportunity for new graduates
12 May Have your say on future electricity services
28 Apr Sow the network safety seed this season
26 Apr Workplace electrical safety a duty for all
10 Apr Safety first with DIY projects this Easter
30 Mar Cotton workers urged to pick safety during harvest
28 Mar High-tech patrols improve network knowledge
24 Mar Reduce the risks on land and in the air
23 Mar Damaged pole sparks calls for burn-off caution
06 Mar Working together for seniors’ electrical safety
03 Mar Customers challenged to clean up and reduce risk
27 Feb Minimise high load risks around powerlines
13 Feb Customers thanked for patience during extremes
13 Feb Eye in the sky keeps network in top condition
10 Feb Essential Energy postpones planned work amid extreme weather forecasts
12 Jan Electrical safety advice for watercraft
05 Jan Crews ready to respond 24/7 to outages
21 Dec Keep your distance from powerlines
15 Dec Put safety first with Christmas lights
09 Dec Hallidays Point Public School shines in Essential Energy safety poster competition
07 Dec Essential Energy disputes union misinformation
10 Aug Prepare your home and yard for windy weather
08 Aug Stay power safe in the garden this winter
29 Jun Farmers reminded to check GPS coordinates after powerline safety incident



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